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Estimate Monthly Costs with Our Payment Calculator

Whether you're planning for your next car or just want to search various rates, be sure to fill out the payment calculator from Owen Ford. This is the best way to determine monthly payments. Our easy-to-use payment calculator tool will also help Marshall buyers figure out which cars they can afford. Have our Ford finance center lend a hand as you design a monthly payment plan for your new or used car purchase in Marshall, IL.

Lock-In the Right Financing at Owen Ford

Our payment calculator is designed to give Annapolis buyers an estimated monthly cost based on the parameters they provide. Enter the price of the new Ford or used vehicle, along with the down payment amount. Play around with the down payment amounts to potentially lower the financing amount over the loan's term.

Once the basics are added, buyers can input their A.P.R. rate (estimated financing rate) and, from there, choose term options. The term is the length of the auto loan, ranging from 12 to 84 months. After everything has been entered, you will find an estimated monthly payment.

How Financial Factors Can Impact My Monthly Payment

One of the first things we will want to look at is your credit score. This way, we can figure out all your options and find the best rates. A sizable down payment results in less accrued interest and lower monthly costs. If you choose a longer term, the overall monthly payment will be lower, which can also help build better credit. There are many potential factors that can play into your monthly payment. Let our finance team help you sift through them all!

Sit Down with Our Finance Experts in Marshall Today

Find the financial guidance you need at Owen Ford. Our team takes pride in being able to help our customers secure affordable financing and design budget-tailored payment plans. Fill out our online financial application to get the ball rolling and learn which options are best for you. Contact us to learn more about your finance options and get one step closer to the car, truck, or SUV you desire!