One Owner Vehicles

Our One Owner vehicles: True one-owner models for true peace of mind

If you've ever shopped for a quality pre-owned vehicle, you've probably found yourself wishing you could find a car with just a single owner. You instinctively know that's a car, truck or SUV that's more likely to be reliable. What if you could find a whole collection of one-owner vehicles, all certified to be true one-owner models by the experts at CARFAX®? That's exactly what we have available at Owen Ford in Marshall, IL.

When CARFAX® says it's "One-Owner," you know it's "One-Owner"

The specialists at CARFAX® have unparalleled access to state vehicle registration records, so they know how to verify that a vehicle has truly had just a single owner. With a CARFAX® One Owner model, you don't have to just take somebody's word for it that this car wasn't passed around. CARFAX certification is your assurance that the car you're looking at had just one owner and all the potential benefits that come with it.

When a car has just one owner, it's more likely to have a trustworthy past

Let's face it: The more owners a car has, the more likely it is to end up with an owner who doesn't take the best care of it. When a car has only one owner, that person is the one who drove it home for the first time. New-car owners tend to be pretty possessive about their new vehicles, pampering them, keeping them clean and making sure all the maintenance gets done. When they finally sell the car, it's probably a very good car to buy.

A single owner usually means somebody loved that car

When a car has had multiple owners, it strongly suggests that the car developed some kind of issues and maybe nobody fixed the problem. Instead, the owner might have sold it figuring "somebody else can worry about it." If that keeps happening, the car be trouble when you buy it. A car with just one owner is more likely to have been well-cared for and reliable enough that the owner wanted to hang onto it. That's a very good car to buy.

One-owner cars tend to have a better maintenance history

It's possible that a multiple-owner car received regular, factory-recommended maintenance from everyone in the ownership chain. But frankly, that would be unusual. With a CARFAX® One Owner model, there's a better chance that the owner made that car received routine maintenance, which always helps a car last longer. That's why we encourage our valued customers in Annapolis and West Union, IL to give these cars a serious look.

A CARFAX Vehicle History Report gives you a look at how the car was serviced

When you look at the free CARFAX Vehicle History Report that we can provide, you'll see every maintenance service that was reported to CARFAX for that vehicle. While the report usually won't show all the service and repairs that were done, it gives you a look at how the vehicle was maintained. If that looks good, coupled with the CARFAX One-Owner certification, you're looking at a car that's well worth considering.

For exceptional value, take a good look at our One Owner cars

We believe these vehicles are worth any extra amount that buyers from Martinsville, IL might need to invest in order to own them. And they are certainly worth your shopping time when you want a pre-owned car, truck or SUV you can count on. Find one that intrigues you and schedule a test drive soon at Owen Ford in Marshall, IL.